7 Tips for Picking Perfect Wall Color

If you’ve ever walked into a DIY home improvement store looking for some inspiration to paint a wall and left in a confused puddle, you’re not alone. The average paint store offers over 3,000 interior paint colors, so how in the world do you pick just one?

“Color can be really intimidating to a lot of my clients, which is why they come to a designer like me,” says LA based interior designer, Melanie Gauthier. “Life is too short not to be lived in color, and I love showing my clients how a well chosen color can completely transform a space and the beautiful thing is paint is inexpensive and easy to change so when you need a little lift or just want to have something new a gallon of paint can go a long way.

Good news: Making a great choice from thousands of room color ideas doesn’t have to be that hard. Here’s Melanie’s top 7 tips to picking a wall color you love.

1. Go Bold
We’re talking about accent walls here. Their one job is to make a room pop. So, that means we can ignore the mind-numbing array of subtle whites and neutrals. Go for bold splashes of color that set the mood for the room. You really can’t go wrong as long as you’re happy with the color. To really make your room look like it was professionally done, layer in accents like pillows and vases that coordinate with your chosen color. “I also like to stick with the color wheel, so choosing a complimentary color of your sofa is always a sure fire bet to get a dramatic result. “For example, If the couch is blue, orange hues work well. If it’s red, green hues, and if it’s yellow, purple hues will work. Just make sure the base of the paint is in the complimentary color family and your already selecting colors like a pro.” If you don’t know how to find complimentary colors, google the color wheel and it is the color directly across from the color you matching.”

2. Borrow from Elements
If there is there a bold pattern on a sofa or area rug, pick up colors from those elements. “Your sofa and area rug are the biggest clues to the colors I’ll recommend for accent walls,” says Melanie. “ I like to look for the least dominant color in the existing patterns in the rooms and call that color to be my main character. What color do you see the least of and like the most? That’s your new wall color” 

3. Paint how you Dress
The color of a room, like your wardrobe, reflects our personal style and can influence your mood. Are you a denim jeans kinda person? Choose a dark blue that feels like you. Do you like kicking up your style with bright red shoes? Paint an accent wall an energetic saturated tone. Are browns your jam? Go with an earthy brown that feels like your favorite leather jacket. The key is, take queues from the clothes you choose, so that your space also reflects the true you and also makes you look your best while your in it!

4. Suit your Style
Certain colors pair naturally with certain styles. For example, mid-century colors tend to be more saturated and vibrant, while Farmhouse and Boho styles lean more natural and coolBeach styles reflect the vibrancy of the ocean, sun and sand, while an Urban style often calls for cooler tones like those of a city scape. Here at Tyntly we have created color collections that fit naturally into different styles. If your home ascribes to a particular style, browse our style collections and find your perfect fit.

5. Consider the Purpose
It’s scientifically proven that color affects your mood. Red is energizing, but can also be stressful. Red may not be your best option for the bedroom, but it can add an alluring splash to a kitchen or dining room. Blue is associated with creativity and leisure, so they work well in living rooms and offices. There’s a good reason why The Green Room is green, it’s because greens are soothing, relaxing and creative. Purples are sophisticated and represent poise, so they work well in formal dining and living rooms to elevate the environment. So, if you’re looking for living room paint ideas, give some thought to what mood you would like to feel in that space. 

6. Size matters
Colors can have a profound effect on depth perception, so when choosing color give some thought to your space and how you want people to see it. If you have a narrow room you want to feel more spacious, use a lighter color on the longest wall to make it feel more expansive. If you have a large room you want to feel more cozy and intimate, use a darker color on one or even two walls to bring things together. 

7. Follow the Light
No matter what approach you take to choosing your color, once you narrow your options be sure to look at them under morning, day and evening light, and of course the room’s artificial light. That light blue in warm morning light can look more green into the evening, and pale grey under artificial light. Pay attention to how your color samples and your decor look throughout the day.

Putting it all together
Take heart and remember that there are no hard and fast rules for color, and when creating a truly unique style you sometimes have to break the rules. If you want to simplify the overwhelming choices of choosing a color, consider the 7 tips here and prioritize the one that speaks to you. At Tyntly, we’re here to make things simple for you. Since we are all about helping you easily transform a room with color, we’ve eliminated a lot of the confusing choices for you. Our 30 colors are carefully chosen from the hottest trends in design. Get started today by selecting some samples, shipped free to your home.

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About Melanie

Melanie Gauthier is an interior designer who splits her time between Los Angeles and Florida. She was raised in the design industry and has designed many coastal living spaces from Costa Rica to Los Angeles. She is a color specialist and finds the most fun she has on her projects is working with her clients and color. Developing their perfect color palette so their home becomes a haven for the way they live and represents who they are as people.

You can reach Melanie at mgauthierinteriors@gmail.com or on her interior design website.



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