About Tyntly

Tyntly was founded on the belief that just about everything can be simplified.

When we recently moved into a new apartment and bought all new furniture, we were a bit underwhelmed by how all of our cool new stuff looked in what seemed to be a cool new space. Then a designer friend suggested, “just paint an accent wall. It changes everything.” 

We did, and we discovered that painting just one 8x12 living room accent wall took 6 round trips- 12 times in and out of the car- just to get the job done. Then we were left with a bunch of leftover paint in messy metal paint cans that couldn’t go into recycling. In the end we were thrilled with the result, but the process was frustrating, slow, and meant a lot of time in the car. It left us wondering,… what if.

What if

…. someone could eliminate all the trips to the paint store?

…. free paint samples could be real paint, not flimsy 2x2 inch color chips?

…. there were simpler choices of color, base grade, and finish?

…. people could get the right amount of paint for their job,.. not just a gallon?

…. you didn’t need tools to open and close and paint can?

…. paint actually poured from the package without that big, drippy mess?

…. a paint package could go right into recycling?

…. a smarter company could take the “suck” out of painting?

From those what if’s, Tyntly was born. We set out to make transforming a room so simple and risk-free, anyone could do it.

Next, we wondered: in this era of “want it now, ship it free,” why isn’t there a better, simpler way? It turns out, the tired old paint industry is controlled by a few huge corporations that want you making trips to their stores to cross-sell you other stuff. You know how the story goes: go to the store for a bucket of paint, walk out with a barbecue grill.

We started Tyntly because we believed there has to be a better way. A simpler, less wasteful way. We’ve made it easier to transform your personal space for about the cost of rides to and from the paint store.

We believe everyone deserves the right to live in a beautiful, enjoyable place. That’s why with every order, Tyntly donates paint to the underfunded arts and urban beautification programs. Rather than putting unused paint into a landfill, we give it a second life teaching kids to paint, and bringing art to communities.

Tyntly, simply better.